Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

MUDr. Ivan Vulev, PhD.

MUDr. Ivan Vulev, PhD., MPH, FCIRSE, Consultant of the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
Štefan Chudáčik, rtg

Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology (ODIR) of NÚSCH Hospital, formerly Department of Radiology, was created at our institution to reflect latest developments in the field of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease (the possibility of new cardiovascular imaging based on CT and MR, as well as whole-body minimally invasive therapy based on catheters). The year on year increase in total numbers of peripheral interventions and endovascular prosedures performed in ODIR confirms the validity and orientation of the department.

Currently each year there are made about 4000 endovascular interventions in ODIR, including more than 200 patients per year with implanted carotid stents with EPD and about 100 patients per year with endovasculary treated aortic disease (aneurysms, dissections, trauma).

ODIR from interventional radiology procedures is focused on a wide range of peripheral vascular interventions, whether in terms obliterations (embolization, ocluders and stentgrafts), revascularisations (PTA, stents, thrombolysis and thrombectomy including reolytic pharmacomechanical thrombektomy) and others (intravascular ultrasound, closure devices, kryoplasty, atherectomy, etc.). ODIR is a unique department in terms of Slovak cardiocenters and introduced nationwide practice the numbers of new interventional procedeures, such is endovascular treatment of carotid/vertebral artery stenoses extra-intracranialy, endovascular treatment of critical limb ischemia, the methods of subintimal recanalization of chronic arterial occlusions, endovascular treatment of abdominal and thoracic aneurysms, pharmacological methods of thrombolysis in combination with mechanical reolytical thrombectomy (pharmacomechanical thrombectomy, so called rapid lysis) methods of intravascular ultrasound in the peripheral blood vessels, percutaneous hemostasis, etc.

In the forefront of the vascular interventional radiology (endovascular therapy) programs realized in the ODIR stands complex endovascular treatment of aortic diseases (chest, abdominal and thoracoabdominal aneurysms, aortic dissections, false and true coarctations). The treatment of global aortic aneurysms ranks the department among the pioneering and leading centers in the world. As well the ODIR department is one of the few workplaces in the world, which carries endovascular treatment of aortic disease in a fully percutaneous way with use of local anesthesia (so called Total Percutaneous Aortic Endografting). The ODIR is a leader in Slovakia in implementation of the carotid stenting with embolic protection to prevention and treatment of cerebrovascular disorders.

Among the main endovascular programs implemented by the ODIR are:

  • complex percutaneous endovascular treatment of aortic diseases (PEVAR)
  • neurointerventional treatment (carotid and vertebral stenting, extra-intracranial,
  • koiling of intracranial aneurysms)
  • endovascular interventions of limb in arterial tree (PTA, stent implantation, stentgrafts, local thrombolysis, pharmacomechanical thrombectomy with Angiojet) in acute, chronic and critical limb ischaemia
  • venous interventions, including endovascular treatment of deep vein thrombosis, venous stenting and implantation / extraction of vena cava filters
  • renovascular interventions in ischemic nephropathy
  • complex embolization therapy via percutaneous approach (arteriovenous anomalies and malformations, aneurysms, vascular tumors, vascular injury, etc.)
  • interventional treatment of hemodialysis shunts
  • mechanical atherectomy and plaque cryoplasty
  • active percutaneous hemostasis of puncture sites
  • intravascular ultrasound in peripheral circulation
  • transarterial chemoembolization (TACE)
  • puncture and drainage of collection and cavities under CT guidance

The ODIR department with the availability of unique high-end MDCT technology (Aquilion One) represents today also the leading center in Slovakia for noninvasive cardiovascular imaging, including vascular CTA and CT coronarographies (monthly about 100 CT coronarographies).

Activities of ODIR as a leading center in the field of cardiovascular and interventional radiology in Slovakia at least including scientific research, education and publication. The ODIR is training and educational center of Slovak Medical University (SZU) and accredited workplace for certifying in the field of Vascular and Interventional Radiology in Slovakia.

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